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Scalp Revitalizer

Scalp Revitalizer

Ah, rosemary. Not just for culinary use, this fragrant herb is widely known to stimulate cell regeneration making it a well used ally for hair growth. We solar infuse castor oil with homegrown rosemary, add amla oil, hibiscus oil and essential oils of rosemary, lavender, peppermint, cedarwood and clary sage.

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    Known in the Ayurvedic world as the go-to plant for hair growth, amla oil is gaining popularity in Western treatments as well. Hibiscus and castor oils are also widely used in hair/scalp treatments, so we combined them all for one powerhouse product. Apply Scalp Revitalizer 20-30 minutes before a shower or as an overnight treatment (covering sleeping area to avoid staining). Wash out thoroughly and enjoy!


    Ingredients: Amla oil*, hibiscus oil* castor oil* infused with rosemary, essential oils of rosemary*, lavender, peppermint*, cedarwood* and clary sage.


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