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Facial Oil

Facial Oil

This nourishing facial oil gets its beautiful orange hue from rosehip and sea buckthorn oils. Combine these powerhouses with hibiscus, meadowfoam seed and carrot seed oils and this oil addresses many skin issues.


     Hibiscus oil - known as "nature's botox" it works on uneven skin tone, dark spots, boosting cell turnover and firming skin

     Rosehip oil - rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it helps with elasticity, dark spots and fine lines

     Meadowfoam seed oil - acts as an emmolient, sealing moisture in and keeping the skin soft and supple

     Sea buckthorn oil - helps stop acne breakouts by signaling oil glands to stop producing oil, help fade scars and even skin tone

     Carrot seed oil - rich in Vitamin C and carotinoids, gives skin a radient glow, helps sings of aging



 Facial oils have become more a part of skincare routines for good reason - they are not only hydrating, but moisturizing and have the potential to reduce fine lines, dark spots and even out skin tone. Simply place 4-5 drops on fingertips and dab gently on face using an upward motion. Alternately, add 3-4 drops to facial moisturizer for extra powerful hydration.


    Ingredients: hibiscus oil*, rosehip oil*, meadowfoam seed oil*, sea buckthorn oil, carrot seed oil, vitamin E oil (soy-derived), ylang ylang essential oil*, rose absolute essential oil,

    *certified organic


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