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Dry Clay Mask - Oily Skin

Dry Clay Mask - Oily Skin

In search of natural assistance for oily skin, we created this beautiful dry clay mask. Made from a combination of four different natural clays, this mask cleanses and purifies pores. Tested on teenage, acne-prone skin, we found the best use is to apply once at night to lift toxins to the surface and then once again the following morning to purify. Skin will be slightly red for approximately 30 minutes. After that initial application, use once or twice a week.


    To use, place approximately 1 teaspoon in palm of hand or small dish. Add a few drops of water (or other liquid, see below) and mix until a thin paste forms. Apply to face with upward motions avoiding eye area. Allow to dry completely and then rinse with warm water while gently massaging in a circular motion. Follow with regular moisturizer routine.


    Other liquids to try:

    Aloe Vera Gel - super moisturizing, we use this when our indoor humidity reading is at 1% (no joke, it was actually 1%!!) or whenever we need a soothing option.

    Apple Cider Vinegar - mix half ACV with your water for acne-prone skin and see the beautiful difference as it balances your skin's pH.

    Greek Yogurt - weird but true, helps dissolve dead skin and tightens pores.


    Ingredients: bentonite clay, French green clay, Fuller's Earth clay, white kaolin clay


    Approximately 50 grams or 12-15 uses.

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