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We are not healthcare providers and the information provided below is not intended as medical advice. These are our observations and opinions as plant lovers. Consult with your physician if you have medical concerns.


Our botanicals

In the beautiful high desert of New Mexico, we cultivate and harvest the majority of the herbs we use in our products. What we don't grow ourselves, we source as close to the living plant and as regionally as possible to ensure the purity and effectiveness of our botanicals.

Calendula - widely known as an herb with excellent skin healing properties, calendula is a versatile herb found in many herbalist's gardens. 

Lavender - cultivated around the globe, lavender has long been used in herbal remedies. Known for its aroma that aids in relaxation, soothing anxiety and stress, lavender is also strongly antiseptic and encourages sleep.

Cottonwood buds - producing an amazing scent is just a happy byproduct of this little-known botanical. Known to contain anti-microbial properties, cottonwood has a long history of use in Native American traditional healing. Herbalist believe this plant modulates inflammation as well as relieves pain and infection.

Lemon Balm - brush the tops of this beauty and you can smell the vibrant oils that make this plant so effective. Traditional uses of lemon balm include relieving gastric issues, anxiety, tension and even treating toothache. Lemon balm is widely known as a potent anti-viral.

Vanilla - known as an aphrodisiac and mood lifter, vanilla is ubiquitous in culinary and olfactory applications. Used in folk medicine for treating nausea and gastric issues, vanilla has been shown to have anti-viral properties as well. While not grown in New Mexico, we source our vanilla beans responsibly.



Jojoba oil - rich in antioxidant tocopherols (vitamin e), jojoba oil is our number one choice for skin care. It closely mimics the sebum of the skin and has a long shelf-life due to it's not actually being an oil but a liquid wax.

Shea butter - widely known in the cosmetic industry as a skin "super-food," shea butter is helpful with dry skin, blemishes, dark spots and even stretch marks.

Rosehip oil - moisturizing, hydrating, can boost collagen production, can reduce inflammation and protect against sun damage. There's not enough good things we can say about this fantastic oil.

essential oils

Lavender - anti-inflammatory, skin-cell regenerator, treats burns and other wounds, helpful for nervousness and depression.

Ylang-ylang - sedative, reduces muscle spasms, helpful for tempering anger and frustration.

Rose Geranium - adrenal-gland stimulant, effective for inflammation, infection, and burn injuries.

Frankincense - skin healing, increases spirituality and mental perception, helpful in reducing scars and hard-to-heal wounds.

Myrrh - wound treatment, chapped skin, excess, bruising and skin infections. Myrrh has long been used to inspire meditation and uplift the spirit.

Peppermint - relieves muscle spasms, inflammation, nausea, sinus and lung congestion. The scent can help with insomnia and mental fogginess.

Sweet orange - a lively scent that can uplift the mood and counter nervous tension.

Tea tree - one of the best known antiseptic essential oils, tea tree can fight a variety of viral and fungal infections, acne, wounds, and insect bites.

Rosemary - gently stimulates poor circulation and helps counteract low energy. It can be used for sore muscles, cellulite and improving memory.

Sandalwood - counters inflammation, nausea and some nerve pain. Useful on rashes, inflammation, acne and chapped skin.

Clary Sage - a relative of culinary sage, it is relaxing and can help ease menopause related hot flashes. Helps with mental fatigue and PMS.

Geranium - can be therapuetic for women experiencing menopause, anxiety reducing. Same as rose-geranium but lighter scent.

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